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Here in Australia we have not long left the more mellow early autumn and are being reminded that winter is close. And then to console me i will remind myself of Shakespeare’s cheery words, ‘If winter comes can spring be far behind and we will be watching for early spring flowers. Blue flowers seem to represent spring for me and I so love the poem of wonderful Australian Lyrical poet, John Shaw Nielsen, writing in the first half of last century Spring Flowers

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To A Blue Flower

I would be dismal with all the fine pearls of the crown of a king;

But I can talk plainly to you, you little blue flower of the Spring!

Here in the heart of September the world that I walk in is full

Of the hot happy sound of the shearing, the rude heavy scent of the wool.

Soon would I tire of all riches or honours or power that they fling;

But you are my own, of my own folk, you little blue flower of the Spring!

I was around by the cherries to-day; all the cherries are pale:

The world is a woman in velvet: the air is the colour of ale.

I would be dismal with all the fine pearls of the crown of a king;

But I can give love-talk to you, you little blue flower of the Spring!

John Shaw Neilson

Thelymitra or sun orchid is a beautiful wildflower that welcomes the sun. We used it last year for the poster of the spring celebration we planned last winter, Spring into Nature, at the nature sanctuary where I volunteer some time.  thelymitra

Ralph Illidge Sanctuary – A sanctuary thriving after 30 years
of conservation
Owned by the Trust and managed by the Ralph Illidge Sanctuary Friends Group, this property is an
excellent example of vegetation that once occurred throughout the district and provides valuable
insights into an earlier landscape.
Join us for a morning tour, free lunch and afternoon site visit of this original bushland and creek-line
area. Burnt in the 1983 bushfires, we’ll show you the results of natural regeneration and recovery plus
the results of over 30 years of conservation work. We’ll look at the new Powerful Owl nest box, identify
plant species and discuss current management.

Where:   Ralph Illidge Sanctuary, 44 Halfords Road, Naringal East

When:   Saturday, 19 October, 2013 11:00 am – 2:00 pm (morning tour 11:00 am, afternoon tour 1:00 pm)


Enjoy spring the way nature intended.

This year Frank and I plan to complete a task, that has dragged on far too long, in the spring. I will say no more.

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