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Life hasn’t been the same since we returned from a few days in Halls Gap to find Janice . Jules and Jinger had moved in. Into the chook cage I mean. Ross, our landlord, had fixed up the cage and put in the three chooks he had bought from an overcrowded chook farm with a bag of pellets to feed them. That was a much better surprise than finding out the sore ankle I came home with was fractured.

In no time the three chooks were laying brown eggs Chook house

Chook eggs

And we were eating lots of eggs. There was even a double yolker.Chooks in Illowa lay double yolker

The three hens spent many hours scratching around the big garden  trotting around after Frank  when he went outside.Chooks in Illowa with FrankFrom the Window 004One day we went shopping in Warrnambool and when we arrived home it was just dark. Frank went down the back to put the chooks to bed but no chooks to be found. He looked and looked but no luck. Frank was certain the fox had come in and eaten the chooks. foxSo we sadly went to bed. How pleased we were when the missing chooks were back in the yard next morning! Now when we go out the they get shut in their house before we leave.

In July Django and Ginger visited with their mum and dad. We were very happy to give them one dozen freshly laid eggs to take home. We will be very happy to see them when they come again and I am sure the chooks will be too.