Relics of earlier times———


A relic of the days when horses were the form of transport  up and down the wide street, now a flower box and a landscape feature

Horse trough

and a relic of the early days of radio when the wireless was an ornamental feature on the mantlepiece. This would have been seen as a sleek modern design.old radio

This a relic of earlier times all the way from America. It still sounds amazing!IMGP0049

In the true sense of the word a relic of a kangaroo that once bounded around Tower Hill——-Relic


Odd Ball

Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Warrnambool has its own odd ball. In fact it is a rather lovely huge silver ball that the local community is very fond of and protective towardsImage. It stands on legs that look scarcely strong enough to support it above what used to be the Fletcher Jones factory and is now a building going through several transformations. It can be seen from many vantage points, looking particularly dramatic across the water.

Room for all Seasons


My bedroom is the smallest room in the house apart from toilet and bathroom. I chose it for the outlook from the back window which looks out on a wonderful old tree that changes through the seasons. Room 4Small room but much activity there. I sit on the bed and gaze out at the tree but I also use the computer, teach myself tin whistle, read, write, do accounts etc etc. So it is a room full of busy clutter.IMGP0020

Vision boards of last year and this that are full of words and pictures that symbolise my dreams and plans for the year ahead hang on the end of my robe rack.


Indeed a room to work in,  dream in and even sleep in sometimes!

Split second-stories from Nature


, Second Stories

The cow laboured for many hours  but the birth of the tiny calf seemed split second and this photo was such a gift!


Locals and visitors watch intently from the viewing platform at Logans Beach for ages for occasional glimpses of the Southern Right whales. In a split second a whale breaches, cameras flash, and it all seems worthwhile.Whales 009

Water, water everywhere


Our planet is composed mostly of water, as one sees looking down from a plane——-Image

I have many photos of the sea close to home in all its many moods——-Image


and some hard won photos of the whales who make the local sea their home for rearing their calves in our winter months. Image

We eagerly await their arrival this year.

Swans are awkward on land but graceful on local lakes and rivers——-Image

while a great egret is graceful on land or water——-Image

A lake in an inland city brings bird life and is loved by city inhabitants and visitors——Bendigo 010

An artificial lake in an art gallery is intriguing Image

and a temporary river on our flooded street is not often seen, fortunatelyImage

Indeed water is a large part of our planet and our lives!







Russell, the cat, came to live with Cherie who was renting next door more than a year ago. He quickly decided he owned the neighbourhood and spent quite a bit of time in our place.  Image

As sometimes happens with renters Cherie and Russell had to move away.

This didn’t work out well for Russell and in a strange twist of fate he is now living here with us.


He seems happy enough but a twist in circumstances that he doesn’t understand at all is that the owner is now living in the house next door that he rightfully owns and to make matters worse she has a cat called Thomas. Image

Russ didn’t hesitate in trying to regain control next door, and he was not at all welcome. This was so hard for him to understand but we hope he is slowly getting the message!

The Earth Beneath Me



It felt very strange to be in Tokyo, huge city of millions of people. It felt almost like being on a different planet. And then when I visited this ancient forest on the edge of the city I instinctively felt I was stepping on the same earth I was familiar with and felt grounded for the first time while visiting this lovely foreign land.


Old growth forests are very precious. We have destroyed far too many of them here in Australia. It is most important we preserve what is left of them. At least the deciduous trees that have replaced them in many instances provide ground cover and nourishment for Mother Earth. In southern Australia at this time of the year in many beauty spots there are carpets of crunchy dry leaves. Even adults like myself are tempted to play on them and scrunch the leaves; and it is a special experience for children who love to play on the earth at any time.Image


Work of Art


, , , , ,

A hand made doll is a work of art  Image as is this angel made from scraps of material——–Image

And here is a colourful work of art posted to me from Ella in Far North Queensland ——–Image and another painting from Ginger—–Image      Image

I did a blot painting for her to say Thank You——-

Imageand liked it so much I decided to keep half for myself.Image My friend, Monica. said the painting reminded her of the Hungry Caterpillar. I could see a plump ageing woman with wings kicking up her heels.